Ohio Department of Natural Resources

Performed an analysis of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources telecommunications environment and identified areas for short term and long-term improvements along with potential recurring cost savings/reductions (PBX equipment, telecommunications contracts, engineering of telecommunication circuits, network design and routing of calls between sites).

  • Perform a Current State – “As-Is” Analysis
    • PBX (Equipment, Dial Plan, Trunks, Fiber circuits, etc.)
    • Network (LAN/WAN, UPS, POE, Routers / Switches, QoS, etc.)
    • Call Center (ACD, IVR, etc.)
    • Host Applications and Connectivity (if required)
  • Recommend a Future State – “To-Be” / Roadmap Analysis
  • Performed an analysis of the industry in order to make recommendations to ODT regarding the support model that will be best suited to implement, manage, and support the telecommunications and data networking environment going forward in a future state environment, (i.e., IP Telephony, and Converged Networks). The study will make recommendations for staffing levels, skill sets, training, structure, and maintenance/support contracts.

To ensure that ODNR would be ready for migrating to OITís NGTS solution, ACG conducted Site Voice Readiness Validation and provided site remediation plans as necessary. Additionally ACG created Telecom Migration Protocols in order to define and validate internal procedures / protocols for migrating existing ODNR business groups / users to OITís next generation hosted VoIP telephony platform and post implementation support and administration.