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NiSource Corporate Services Company

ACG performed a third-party, independent review of the architecture of NiSource’s new CTI / IVR system and an Executive Summary Report that highlights the conclusions of each of the tasks.

  • ACG conducted independent CTI / IVR review for the following tasks:
    • Call Traffic Capacity Analysis
    • CPU Utilization Study
    • Toll Free Charge Assessment
    • Architecture Review
    • Verification that the system can support a call volume equal to the highest historical recorded hour, plus 1% growth per year
    • Verification that the blocked call service level is less than or equal to 0.1% (1 out of every 1,000 calls)
    • Verification that the delay time to enter the IVR application is less than or equal to one (1) ring
    • An analysis of CPU utilization for adequacy and optimization
    • An analysis of telecommunication port utilization for adequacy and optimization
    • A review and comment on the current CTI / IVR architecture
    • An analysis of the Verizon toll charges (1-800-numbers) before and after the CTI / IVR upgrade/migration
  • Upon completion of the independent CTI /IVR review, ACG produced the following deliverables:
    • An Executive Summary Report that highlights the conclusions of ACG for each of the tasks
    • A Detailed Analysis Report which describes the methodology and work effort used to perform each of the tasks and how the conclusions in the Executive Summary Report were reached
    • One or more optional oral presentations and interpretations of the findings (via teleconference), where NiSource can ask for further clarification of the Executive Summary Report and Detailed Analysis Report, as well as ask other questions deemed relevant to the independent review conducted by ACG and/or the topic of CTI / IVR sizing and architecture