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Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance (MDTA)

Working with representatives from DUA UI Management and DWD IT (Information Technology) program stakeholders, ACG conducted a comprehensive analysis and technical review of DUA’s current Call Center technology infrastructure, related business and operations processes, and wrote a Current State Assessment report. The resultant deliverable included a detailed assessment of current call center environment, tools, technology and infrastructure, including hardware, software, and constituent support / customer relationship management applications. Additionally, this deliverable included focus on quality monitoring / recording systems, TCP/IP telephony solutions, and sustainability / survivability assessments.

Using the technology and service delivery gaps identified in the Current State Assessment, ACG worked with DUA to develop a Future State Analysis report. This deliverable served as a strategic roadmap and recommendations for the future call center environment. The resultant deliverable included: business, operations, management and technology improvement opportunities / recommendations.

ACG worked with DUA Call Center Managers to advise them on operational, reporting, tactical and training initiatives, including:

  • Development and execution of test plans for implemented enhancements to the Call Center environment.
  • Providing key Agency personnel with in-depth training on optimization of the use of existing / recommended scheduling software, queue monitoring, queue assignment, ACD script / message recording, autodial / auto text / auto e-mail campaigns, and integration with existing and proposed IVR applications.
  • Assisting DUA Operations management in establishing and staffing a formal Network Operations Center (NOC) / Command Center to constantly monitor call center activity and the various technologies deployed in support of constituent services.
  • Providing training to Virtual Call Center staff on the operation and use of recently acquired callback / proactive technology for autodial / auto text / auto email campaigns, as well as queue monitoring and queue assignment.