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Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW)

Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) contracted with Advocate Consulting Group (ACG) to perform the assessment of the current conditions of their Avaya integrated, distributed contact center IT infrastructure, business, and operations to develop a prioritized list of recommendations for an implementation roadmap of the future vision taking into consideration the current best practices used in the contact center industry today. Through ACG’s development of the implementation planning GCWW was also provided with guidance for post implementation maintenance and management of the new Converged Networking/VoIP/Collaborative Contact Center.

ACG reviewed existing documentation (ACD reports, Architecture Diagrams, IVR Design and Scripts, Staffing Information, etc.) and met with GCWW in a series of JAD (Joint Application Design) sessions to develop an understanding of the current business, operational, and technical environments. ACG’s review and analysis was conducted with consideration for GCWW’s complex distributed contact center and shared services environment. This contact center environment with 600 phones, legacy ACD/IVR, basic ANI matching CTI agent screen popping, running on an Avaya Definity G3 PBX and is comprised of three locations which house telephony components (Spring Grove, Colerain, and Kellog), as well as interconnectivity to the City of Cincinnati for voice and 4-digit extension dialing.  Additionally, GCWW has two peripheral components that are end of life: Blue Pumpkin Workforce Management and Dynamic Instruments Quality Monitoring. The City of Cincinnati’s phone system was comprised of 36 sites linked by fiber, SONET, or fractional T1s and supports approximately 6000 phone numbers. GCWW provides an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for their customers to engage in self-services.

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Canton District Directors� Association (CDDA)

ACG assisted The Canton District Directors’ Association to execute a joint effort through a multi-part assessment of their benefits application and redeterminations processes and supporting technology.  During the initial phase of the engagement, the current state of the processes and technology being utilized by the member counties were researched and documented.  For the next phase of the project a future state strategic plan was developed that would provide CDDA with a set of recommendations and a framework for transition toward standardizing telephone application and redetermination processes across the CDDA.

Prospective changes, procurements and implementations were considered for all aspects of CDDA’s application and redetermination processes and telecom / contact center infrastructures.  Potential process standardizations, efficiency / performance gains, and technology improvement opportunities were identified as a result.  These opportunities would position CDDA to: realize business and operational efficiencies, improve the customer experience, upgrade legacy technology and reduce costs over time. 

Metropolitan Sewer District of Cincinnati (MSD)

Advocate Consulting Group (ACG) performed a high level overview of the existing Avaya MSD contact center and remote overflow site, developed IVR design documents, and created a prioritized list of recommendations for consideration. Additionally, ACG developed a roadmap for implementation of the suggested technologies. The IVR design focused on the development of detailed design documentation for a self-service application designed to integrate with the MSD City Works service request and ticketing system.

  • Performed a high-level Contact Center and Business Process and Operations Assessment
  • Created a detailed system design for a new IVR system to automate basic customer requests and filtering of non-MSD calls
  • Developed Prioritized Opportunity List
  • Produced Opportunity Execution Roadmap
Georgia Clayton County

ACG performed an assessment of the Clayton County Water Authority (CCWA) current IT infrastructure and supporting technologies including business processes and operations management. Provided recommendations for upgrading and / or enhancing the CCWA TelWorks contact center platform based on customer expectations, service goals, available resources and industry best practices.

Massachusetts Department of Transition Assistance (MDTA)

ACG along with our partner, Waterfield, designed, developed, implemented, tested, and provided post implementation maintenance support for a new, hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA). The IVR solution was designed to meet DTA�s initial requirements for self-service by its existing benefit recipients and for future recipients.

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Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance

ACG worked with representatives from DUA UI Management and DWD IT (Information Technology) program stakeholders conducted a comprehensive analysis and technical review of DUA’s current Call Center technology infrastructure, related business and operations processes, and wrote a Current State Assessment report.  The resultant deliverable included a detailed assessment of current call center environment, tools, technology and infrastructure, including hardware, software, and constituent support / customer relationship management applications.  Additionally, this deliverable included focus on quality monitoring / recording systems, TCP/IP telephony solutions, and sustainability / survivability assessments.

Using the technology and service delivery gaps identified in the Current State Assessment, ACG worked with DUA to develop a Future State Analysis report.  This deliverable served as a strategic roadmap and recommendations for the future call center environment. The resultant deliverable included: business, operations, management and technology improvement opportunities / recommendations. 

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