Building Success Through Team Work.

Client Centric

The way we do business at ACG is as important as the services we offer. Our commitment to the client' success is unparalleled. Our business approach is to do what is right and convenient for the client at all times and to do it as a member of the client's team.

Working in teams

We bring team members together from various locations and place them with the client. . Our teams are completely focused on doing what is right for the client and serving your best interest and business needs. Teams are designed for the task - we utilize a self-directed work team model, led by experienced project managers.

Work with the Client
Working with the client staff

Client staff participate on every team and are intimately involved in the solution. Management is involved and informed throughout the process. We place our staff as mentors to client staff to fill specific gaps, work to retrain into new technology areas, or aid in management growth and discipline.

Working where the client is

We place our staff on location at client sites to form a team with the client. All projects are executed at or near the client facilities and on client equipment or compatible systems

Working with the client paradigm

Our project plans are designed to move as fast or as slow as the client requires yet are completely structured in achieving schedule and major milestones. Our team works to maximize the use of client existing technologies and technological resources

Working within the client's resources

We work with clients to achieve goals within their resource constraints. We work with the client's staff to address the client's challenges. We are focused on making our client's business-case work.