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Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC)

ACG performed a current state and future state analysis and recommendation.  This included capturing the current environment, considering all available options, and looking into the future and delivering a recommended roadmap that can be followed over the next 12-24 months that will benefit BWC’s customers, management, and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Accomplishment of this goal required the completion of the following tasks:

  • Discovery / Assessment of each location (current situation)
  • Review existing voice technology and determine requirements of the current voice systems (desk phones, ACD (Automatic Call Distributor), UCD (Uniform Call Distributor), 800 #’s, fax, voicemail, long distance, etc.)
  • Conducted site surveys and interview existing users at each location to determine current situations, shortcomings, problems, needs, etc.
  • Documented services provided by carriers, their limitations, costs, options, service levels, and potential capabilities
  • Reviewed billing from each location to assess the true cost of each service
  • Researched technologies that could be deployed to provide standardized services/features/options to all BWC locations
  • Provided Pros/Cons of each Technology (i.e. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) installed at each location & networked together, VoIP (Voice Over IP), Hosted TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) or VoIP solutions, Integrated Hybrid Systems – voice, video, & desktop applications, cellular phones, Wi-Fi phones, Smart Phones, iPhones, soft phones, etc.)
  • Provided the cost of deploying each identified technology along with its ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Provided recommendations on a solution to implement (roadmap)